Alexander Beer Photography

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Since 2020, my work has shifted towards a heightened concern for addressing the urgent threats facing our natural world. Operating at the intersection of fine art, editorial, and portraiture, I employ a diverse array of experimental and creative photography techniques. From 120, 35mm, and large format film cameras to Super 8, VHS, and Polaroid photography,traversing the spectrum of visual mediums.

Passionate about environmentalism, my practice delves into the interplay between the human-inhabited world and the untouched realms of nature. Through portraits and landscapes of my immediate surroundings, I seek to explore the delicate balance between these two spheres. Focusing on boundaries, plains, and surfaces, I aim to bring attention to the limits humanity has imposed on the natural world while contemplating the future for both.

In my professional endeavors, I operate both commercially and on long-term projects. My photographic approach encompasses a wide range, from digital cameras to large format film and Polaroids, capturing the essence of people, places, and things. Each project, whether a personal series or a commercial commission, serves as an opportunity to push the boundaries of picture-making and explore the endless possibilities within the realm of photography.

As a fervent environmentalist, I navigate the intermediary space where human existence meets nature, emphasizing boundaries and plains to shed light on the constraints imposed on our environment. This heightened awareness of nature’s fragility has drawn my focus to landscape photography. Despite the discontinuation of Polaroid film for decades, I actively source and utilize preserved film, creating instant images that reveal the essence of my subjects.

Commercial clients include: The Body Shop, Google, James Purdey and Sons, Huntsman, Shackleton, Chester Barrie, Farlows, Richard James.

Editorial clients include: Numero, Wonderland, GQ, Elle, Esquire, The Times, NY Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Blanc, The Laterals, 1883, Flaunt, Fault, Stylist, Red Bull Bulletin, Country & Townhouse,  L’Offiicel.