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Alexander Beer is a photographer and filmmaker.

Growing up in South East Asia and Saudi Arabia has motivated Alexanders love of people, cultures and religions.
His work is driven by a desire to tell human stories, documenting the lives of real people and communities with intimacy and compassion.
He applies both still photography and moving image to most of his projects, seeing the honest value they both bring to elevating the story.

Alexander’s fashion and portrait photographs have an aesthetic of natural beauty. Often photographing on location and in rural environments, his relaxed and collaborative approach creates images of genuine ease and spontaneity.

Alexander is currently working on various personal projects:
 From women’s boxing to size inclusivity and by the river where he lives.

2019 saw Alex move into being in front of the camera for television, presenting and interviewing whilst photographing people and locations in South Korea for the Discovery Channel. (see links)

Commercial clients include: The Body Shop, Google, James Purdey and Sons, Huntsman, Shackleton, Chester Barrie, Farlows, Richard James.

Editorial clients include: Numero, Wonderland, GQ, Elle, Esquire, The Times, NY Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Blanc, The Laterals, 1883, Flaunt, Fault, Stylist, Red Bull Bulletin, Country & Townhouse,  L’Offiicel.